We are all very excited for Tuesday night and look forward to meeting and sharing with you. In order to meet mutual needs and to help us organize future gatherings, we have put together a Questionnaire and hope that you’ll take a moment of your time to answer.
Tuesday night will start with having attendees write in their responses to the questionnaire, however to save time you can fill it out before then. You can submit your answers electronically to or bring it with you on Tuesday.
Also, if you would like to be involved in the work and share night but can’t make it on January 26, we’d still love to hear from you, so please email us your responses.
The file is in pdf format, however if you’d like to just email your responses, or are having trouble with opening the file, I have typed the questions here as well.
Thanks for your time & input!

the hub of detroit / back alley bikes

2010 womyn/trans/genderqueer work & share
Thank you for attending tonight’s work & share!  We’re looking forward to input from everyone
in order to make sure that we can work together to meet mutual needs.  Please take a few

moments to fill out the following questionnaire, so that we can learn what your needs are and
what you are willing/able to contribute.  Also, feel free to be anonymous if you choose.



  1. What do you hope to get from these workshops? What are topics you’d like to discuss? Skills to learn?
  2. What skills can you contribute? Remember, we don’t just need mechanics…we’re looking for anything you might find relevant to contribute (safety skills, legal info, first aid, ride mapping, self defense, planning, etc.). Also, would you like to assist in planning and facilitating these workshops?

  3. What are some struggles/victories in bikes you’ve experienced? What, if any, is your level of bike knowledge?

  4. Any other comments/questions?

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