On Loving Yourself

Even though it’s a totally stupid “holiday” that preys upon insecurity and reinforces all kinds of stereotypes about how “wrong” it is to be alone, and how in order to be a whole person we must seek validation from outside ourselves, and also how emotions and relationships are tethered to money and pageantry…even I can’t deny that I am so down with hearts. I love hearts, and food shaped like hearts, and having cuddle dates with your friends, and drawing a little red heart on your chest where your real heart is, and generally celebrating the great people and awesome stuff in your life. 

As people of marginalized populations, we carry the burden of constant diligence in order to ensure our own mental, emotional and physical health. As members of groups whose bodies, minds and hearts are ruthlessly co-opted, trivialized, demonized, and oppressed, it is up to us to take all possible steps toward the total ownership of our own bodies, and complete liberation from those who have subjugated us. A major weapon against domination is a complete, unwavering sense of self worth. We must believe we are worthy of equality. We receive messages every day that tell us why we ought to be ashamed of our bodies, our emotions, our needs, and our desires. For every occasion in which we are called Difficult, Moody, Emotional, Girly, Weak, Inferior, a Bitch, a Dyke, a Whore, there must be an occasion where we tell ourselves that we deserve the right to exist in our own bodies, free from fear and doubt, and that we will take those messages and fucking spit on them and we will not be sorry. When we refuse to “lighten up” and when we refuse to be silent and when we refuse to let that shit slide even once, we will not be sorry. We will not be sorry because we fucking love ourselves so much that we will do absolutely anything to protect ourselves from hatred, abuse and objectification.

I don’t speak for all of us, but I want everyone to know how grateful I am to have such an incredible community of amazing and inspiring people to engage in such exciting and empowering activities. I can’t wait to see what we’re capable of.

Happy valentines day, kittens.

PS: Have you been riding lately? If so, have you taken a washcloth to your bike recently? Show your bike how much you care by giving it a nice rub down and getting all that salt off of it. Rust is a bummer. Also Spring is one day closer than it was yesterday. Are you excited???!


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