early spring events!

thanks to everyone who came out to yesterday’s ride!

weather was prime and it was great to hit the road for leisure with good pals.
hopefully we can enjoy more of these kinds of conditions, and get out on our bikes for more than just getting to and from our obligations.

good things to do before long rides:
—continue, and step up, your general maintenance routine. check tires, clean & lube chain, and make any adjustments prior to hitting the streets. if you’re miles away from home, your bike should be in working shape!
—eat properly and in good quantity. bring snacks for before and after the ride. i myself have an insatiable appetite which only increases after an hour+ of exercise.
—bring water. & don’t fill yr bottle up and leave it on the counter at home like i did!
—wear appropriate layers. you know where we live. it’s erratic & unpredictable, but at least have something to cover your head and hands, and a midweight jacket in case the temperature drops unexpectedly.


vanessa prepared an awesome poster that outlines our upcoming events:

feel free to print and distribute, or let us know if you would like us to get you some copies to help promote our workshops. we’d love to see new faces join us in these warmer times.

xox amets


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