Upward Mobility

Hello darlings,

We wanted to let you know about some upcoming events and also a few developments happening here at Fender Bender HQ in the coming weeks. Here’s the official schedule for the next couple months. Also, you will notice we have nailed down the topics for our next couple skill shares, but are still looking for ideas and suggestions for the future (repeat workshops can be done also!) so send them our way if you’ve got them. All events are ocurring at Back Alley Bikes, unless otherwise stated (see below for an update about that too!)

Anyway, here’s this:

Saturday, April 24th 4pm-7pm – Open Shop
If you’re not familiar with the format for the Open Shop’s, please take a moment to browse our write up about it. We’d love to see you!

Tuesday, April 27th 6pm-9pm – Workshop and Skillshare
This month’s topic is brakes! We’ll learn all the basic parts, tools, symptoms and repairs you will need to work on and maintain your brakes. We’ll be handing out information you can take home too to refresh your brain later in case you forget.

Saturday, May 8th 4pm-7pm – Open Shop

Sunday, May 9th 1pm-5pm – Fender Bender Mother’s Day Fundraiser!!
We have A LOT of new projects in the works (see below) and are quickly realizing that our need for resources is growing. On Sunday, May 9th, we will be hosting a special Mother’s Day Bake Sale and Tool Drive at Belle Isle. We are seeking donations of new or used bike tools, bike parts (whole bikes even!) and also cold cash to help us advance our programming in the coming months.

Anyone who brings a donation of tools, parts, etc will be given delicious hand-made treats in exchange. Treats will also be for sale if you don’t happen to have any spare wrenches around.

Bring your mom out for a cupcake and let her know how much you love your community at the same time. Moms love that stuff!

Saturday, May 22nd 4pm-7pm – Open Shop

Tuesday, May 25th 6pm-9pm – Workshop and Skillshare
May’s topic is gears and drivetrain. Basically all about cables, shifters, chain rings, cog sets, and chains. It’s a big one, but totally fun and really important to know if you’re going to be doing your own bike repair (which you are totally going to do!!)

Saturday, June 12th 4pm – 7pm – Open Shop

Saturday, June 26th 4pm-7pm – Open Shop

We are probably going to begin slowly increasing the number of open shop’s beginning in May, so check back for added dates!

So, as I mentioned before, Fender Bender is growing rapidly. The more work we do, people we meet, and ideas we hatch, the more we realize that we are in desperate need of our very own space that we can develop and call our own. We are extremely grateful to The Hub/Back Alley Bikes for letting us use their space while we got off the ground. We are now looking forward to the future where we envision our very own community space that includes not only bike mechanics training and education, but also some gender inclusive (yes, even male-bodied people!) community programming as well as self-defense, youth programming, an alternative library, a space for community organizing, and obviously, a certain amount of dedicated days and resources specifically for women, transgender, genderqueer people and a day specifically for families. These are just a few of the ideas we’ve been developing as we identify the needs of our community and attempt to provide resources and solutions.

Any donations to Fender Bender will go to fully fund 100% of our programming. We don’t now, nor do we anticipate in the near future, adopting any paid staff. Any amount of money we receive will be added to our programming in the form of tools, books, advertising and rent. We are currently in the process of completing the application for Non Profit status (501(c)(3)) and will hopefully soon be able to assure you that your donations to us are tax deductible as well.

Currently, our biggest goal is to raise the money to rent our own space, and beyond that, we are in the process of collecting tools and parts to furnish our programming with. If you have a garage, or a potential space that you are interested in donating or leasing to us, please contact us immediately! We would love to rent from/with an ally to the program if at all possible.

If you would like to donate money, tools, parts, or anything else you might have to offer, please contact us and we will gladly arrange to pick up any supplies or provide our address for donations by mail. We should have a paypal account up and running soon also, if you’d prefer to donate online.

Also, just so you know, we would never ask you for your money or resources without allowing you the opportunity to ask us questions about who we are, what we plan to do with it, what systems we have in place to manage it, etc. If you would like any more information about us as an organization before you decide to donate, please drop us an email at fenderbenderdetroit[at]gmail[dot]com and we will be happy to provide any information we can reasonably offer.

Thank you all so much for your love and support while we continue this process. We wouldn’t even consider this a possibility without all the positive encouragement we have gotten from our allies and participants. If you have any ideas for the future of Fender Bender, we would love to hear those too! You are part of our community and your needs are what matter, so let us know how we can work together to provide a space that all of us can find value in.

Take care out there, and we look forward to seeing you at some of our events soon!!


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