Understanding Brakes Workshop

Is that the sound of your bike brakes? Not sure how to fix that? Well, try wiping down those rims and brake pads, and better yet…come to the next Fender Bender workshop & skillshare:

Understanding Brakes, April 27, 7-9pm at the usual place, Back Alley Bikes, 3611 Cass Ave, Detroit.
We’ll help you understand how your brakes work, how to make adjustments, troubleshooting common problems and go over the tools you’ll need. So please join us and as always, if you know all of this, please come and share your knowledge!

We’ve also created a supplemental guide to go along with the workshop. It doesn’t include everything you need to know about brakes, just some helpful terms and tips to help you out.
Supplemental Brake Guide
Please feel free to share this with your friends or use for your own workshops.

Also, this Saturday is also another Fender Bender open shop day, 4-7pm. Usual spot. Come work on your own bike! More info can be found here about open shops.

As a reminder, Fender Bender is committed to providing a safe space for womyn, trans and the genderqueer community. For more information about us please read our About page. Thanks for your support!

Ride safe!


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