Gears Skill Share Workshop

Fix ’em & shift ’em!

Come on out to the next Fender Bender Skill Share Workshop. It’s this Tuesday, May 25th, 7-9pm. Our usual meeting place: Back Alley Bikes (entrance is in the alley behind The Hub 3611 Cass Ave., Detroit).

This month’s topic is all about Gears- a hands on learning event. We’ll go over how your shifters and derailleurs function, the difference between high and low gears and of course: Troubleshooting and adjusting all that is involved with your gears.

We’ll also be providing a helpful handout for you to take home- a summary of understanding and troubleshooting gear issues.

See you Tuesday!

Ride safe,

p.s. As a reminder, Fender Bender is committed to providing a safe space for womyn, trans and the genderqueer community. For more information about us please read our About page or send us a message. Thanks for your support!


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