Here’s a comprehensive guide to all Fender Bender activity during the Social Forum and beyond! We hope to see you at some of these events, there’s so much fun to be had!

First things first:
Same time (4-7pm) same place (Back Alley Bikes). Let’s get those bikes in shape for all those late night cruises and daytime commutes to belle isle/work/school/animal rights protests etc.

In addition to the open shops, we have tons of stuff happening during the Social Forum which I alluded to previously, but now have actual information to give you!

Here it is:

Saturday, June 12th 4-7pm – Open Shop*

Saturday, June 19th 4-7pm – Open Shop and Screenprinting Party!*
Fender Bender is currently having a logo made for us, and we’re going to be screenprinting a bunch of shirts and patches with that logo so we have stuff available during the Social Forum. On this Saturday, we will have our regular mechanics around to help you out with any bike issues, and we will also have a screenprinting station set up for anyone who wants to bring in their own t-shirt to have us print on! We are planning to sell our regular t-shirts for $10 to benefit Fender Bender programming, however, anyone who brings their own t-shirt (or hoodie or messenger bag or whatever) on Saturday to print on will receive a discount of $5! Whoa!! Spread the word and get your friends to come out for some cheap shirts, quality bike education, and fun hang out times!!

Tuesday, June 22nd 10am-12pm – Fender Bender Workshop at the USSF

We will be discussing all manner of social justice issues especially pertaining to gender and cultures of oppression. You definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity to share ideas, experiences, knowledge and tactics for overcoming some of the most insidious forms of hatred and the role they play in maintaining the status-quo that keeps so many people of marginalized populations from achieving equality. This will be an active workshop with the hope of producing real outcomes and collating relevant information to support the goals of our programming and the work of participants from other communities. Be prepared to work hard and engage openly! We will be handing out a collection of hand-picked essays and resources from across the spectrum of social justice as a rough encyclopedia of the issues we feel are the most relevant, as well as a sort of field guide of the resources we believe will be instrumental in affecting real and lasting change.

Tuesday, June 22nd 5-8pm – Community Skillshare: Creating a Model for a Fender Bender Bike Shop and Community Space
Fender Bender wants your help creating a real-life road map to creating our own bike shop and community space. This will be held in the Back Alley Bikes Space and is your chance to give us all your hard earned knowledge that you have obtained through your own experiences creating radical community spaces, practicing gender justice, bike programming, economic empowerment, youth empowerment, any experience you have, we want it! We want your ideas, your advice, your warnings, your support, your timelines, your headaches, your legal experience, your financial advice, your contacts, your suppliers, your mom’s tips on home electrical repair, your musings on spelling it “women” or “womyn”. All of it. This is your chance to leave a lasting, real impact on Detroit and its future. We are all capable, talented folks who are working hard to make this happen in our community, but why reinvent the (bike) wheel when we have literally thousands of allies and supporters showing up with the specific goal of helping us figure this stuff out! Let’s make a template that we can use not only to accomplish our current goals, but also one that we can spread far and wide to other communities for the same purpose. Let’s create a rubric for community organizing that works, that lasts, and that anyone can do, because that’s what this is all about. This workshop is open to all people of all genders and identities. We want everyone’s opinions and ideas from across the spectrum!

Saturday, June 26th 10am-12pm – Fender Bender Workshop at the USSF
This will mimic the Tuesday workshop with a few twists since it will be run by different people than the one earlier in the week. Come to this one if you can’t make the Tuesday one, or vice versa!

Saturday, June 26th 4-7pm – Open Shop*
Fix your bike, fix someone else’s bike, bring snacks for your friends, plan a new project, just come!

Sunday, June 27th 7-???pm – Cass Collective to Benefit Fender Bender Detroit
Cass Collective is a monthly event at the Cass Cafe to benefit different non-profits and community groups around Detroit. This month’s Cass Collective will benefit Fender Bender and will feature sweet bands, a bike raffle, and a lot of real cool people feelin stoked. This event is free but we will receive money from the raffle and a percentage of sales at the bar, so please come and tell all your friends! Unofficial Social Forum after party! Give it up for Detroit and possibly win a new bike built by Fender Bender! It’s a win-win!!!

And finally, we’re trying to decide the best day/time to do a group ride with everyone. Be on the lookout for a poll coming up to figure out which day/time would work for everyone and we’ll see what we can come up with. Right now, it’s looking like sometime in the early afternoon on Thursday, but we want your input!

Thanks so much for all your support. We can’t wait to see what comes out of everyone’s hard work. So stoked.

Liz + Fender Bender

*Any events marked with an asterisk are specifically dedicated to our vision of safe space for women, transgender and genderqueer individuals. All other events not marked are 100% open to people of all identities. Thank you for respecting our vision and our commitment to the supportive atmosphere that we strive to uphold. Your respect makes better communities possible.


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