Dally in the Alley and Call for Art Submissions

Hey friends, we wanted to alert you to some awesome events and opportunities coming up that we hope you’ll join us for!

The first is next Saturday, September 11th when Fender Bender will be moving our open shop into the great outdoors as we set up a mobile repair station at the 33rd annual Dally in the Alley street fair right here in the Cass Corridor. Fender Bender’s highly trained ladiez will be on staff from noon until 7pm to fix your bike, patch your tire, teach you your cone wrench from your crank puller and so much more! All services offered will be free (just like always) but donations are gladly accepted and greatly appreciated (just like always). We’re not exactly sure where on the street we’ll be setting up shop yet, but look for signs the day of and you’ll find us. We are hoping to use this as an opportunity to bring in more awesome supporters and allies, as well as educate more people about bikes, so bring your friends and spread the word! We should also mention that this special Dally-only open shop is 100% gender inclusive, so anyone of any gender can get their bike fixed or gain access to our trove of knowledge. Sweet, right?

In addition, we are in the process of putting together an art auction at the Motor City Brewery to benefit Fender Bender, and we are looking for submissions! Art can be of any media (photography, collage, sculpture, watercolor, blueberry jam, whatever!) and can be any size and any theme. There is no real jurying process, but what we can take will depend on the amount of submissions already received, and we will obviously not be allowing any artwork that is blatantly (or even covertly) bigoted, intolerant, or fucked up. This is a broad statement, especially since art is like, subjective or whatever, but if more than one of us thinks your shit is racist or transphobic or anything even remotely offensive to any group of people or animals, we’re not going to include you in the show. But, that’s not going to happen because you’re all so great and we want your art!!

All proceeds from the show will go to directly benefit our current programming and future growth. The show will most likely be going down in November, but we are still hammering out the details. In the meantime, all submissions can be sent to us at fenderbenderdetroit[at]gmail[dot]com and should include the following:

1. A photo of the piece or link to an external site where we can view it
2. A couple lines about why you’d like to be involved in the show (you don’t need to justify your whole life to us, we just want to know how you got here and why you’d like to contribute. We love new friends!)
3. A little bit about the piece like, it’s dimensions, media details, it’s history or inspiration, and what you’d like to sell it for
4. A very brief artists statement (less than 300 words) that can be included with your piece so people know what you’re about
5. Permission to use a photo of your piece online or in promotional materials surrounding the show (or a polite note opting out of this part)

Also, you’re totally welcome to submit more than one piece, but if you do so, please indicate which you’d prefer to include more just in case we can only accept one due to space.

Thank you all so much for your support. Keep checking back to see updated info about the art show, and we’ll hope to see you all at the Dally next weekend. Yeah!

Liz + Fender Bender


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