Less typing, more biking.

Ok so Fender Bender has still been in full swing even though we haven’t been updating the blog. It’s been a busy summer and we’ve all been very active with riding our bikes, working on projects, educating ourselves, going on adventures…. the list could go on!

But I promise we didn’t just up and disappear after the US Social Forum. I want to add that the forum and our workshops went really well. We met a lot of excellent people who shared their knowledge, experiences, resources, thoughts, and conversations with us. Hello Community! We have lots of new plans brewing for the future of the Fender Bender collective. More on that soon enough.

Our weekly Saturday open shops are still very active so if your bike needs a tune-up or you’d like to just mess around with it and figure things out or if you have any questions, don’t forget about the open shops.

Autumn is creeping in, classes have started for some. Hopefully you get to ride your bike to class. The cooling temperatures in the a.m. are perfect for riding. Raise your heart rate up a bit before you have to go and sit at a desk for hours and hours. Class or no class, the cool nights and mornings are perfect for a bike ride.

Autumn and bike rides! Liz & I will be doing our first century (100 miles) ride coming up on October 9. She is super rad and is coming all the way down to Tennessee so we can ride this together, along with others we are fond of. 100 miles sounds intimidating but it’s also an excellent challenge to work up to. Needless to say, I am stoked! and a little bit nervous. Having friends come all the way down here so we can ride this together takes away the nervousness and adds a lot more fun into the ride though.

If you are looking for a ride in your area, I came across this helpful bikerides.com searching site. There are an assortment of rides for everyone to participate in.

Ok, well that is a very brief update but more to come soon.
Keep riding & be safe out there,
Vanessa & FB


2 thoughts on “Less typing, more biking.

    • Please do! We’re there every Saturday from 4-7pm except for this coming Saturday (Sept. 11th) when we’ll be giving out free bike repairs and advice at the Dally in the Alley on Forest and 2nd in the Cass Corridor! Stop by!

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