Fender Bender slowly becomes MOBILE! (not the gas company)

Fender Bender will soon be on the move…literally! For a while Fender Bender has primarily been a bicycle mechanic and training program geared toward providing bike repair skills and tools to marginalized gender communities in Detroit. Since the begining we had an idea that we would expand our program to many people in Detroit through some kind of mobile capacity to better provide multiple neighborhoods lacking bicycle shops with an opportunity to learn and particpate in bicycle repair classes as well as address issues such as transportation and economic inequalities. We are now ready to go mobile! We greatly appreciate and will continue to host the trans, queer and womyn only mechanic classes in the Cass Corridor and remain dedicated during the mobile transition and after to this programming. We will be just as available to the original Fender Bender with a new and expanded vision of what bicycle culture can encompass in Detroit. We also see Fender Bender as a worthwhile educational tool for the public schools and other community organiztions to teach about bicycle safety on the roads, bike advocacy and politics in the city, re-purposing of bicycle parts to make art and other things, as well as showing bike films and being available as a travel service for neighborhood events and group rides.

Currently we are working on obtaining the tools and equipment neccessary for basic bicycle repair and maintenence as a mobile service. This includes a 6x12ft enclosed trailor, a bike repair stand, truing wheel stand, wrenches, chain link remover, cable cutter, housing, third hand tool, chain whip, free wheel remover, cone wrenches, BICYCLES, etc… just to name a few items. Though the list seems long we are confident that with persistence and dedication to seeking out grants and other financial opportunities as well as our own fundraising methods and personal assistance we will be up and running like a well oiled bicycle by the begining of summer 2011. Though we hope to be offering educational classes and youth workshops involving bicycle culture throughout the winter. If you are an organization or someone in the public schools reading this and thinking “Hmmmm… We could use this where I am!” or are just flat out interested please contact us! We can tailor bicycle education programs to any group of people so it is most beneficial, fun and interesting for them.

Please contact us at fenderbenderdetroit@gmail.com with questions, comments and feedback

We look forward to hearing form you! Fender Bender Collective


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