Art Submissions Drop-off at MCBW

Hello again!

Thanks so much for all the inquiries on how to participate with the art show fundraising event. It is looking like it will be a fun and art filled night so we hope to see everyone there ready to have a good time and… buy art! All submissions can be dropped off to Sarah Sidelko at Motor City Brewing Works Mon-Fri 10am-4pm. Please try to email ahead or call the brewery to give me a heads up so I can expect you. Include your name, email and/or phone number, what materials or medium was used to create your piece and a little decsription of where the art came from or what inspired you. Also, we want to reasonably price the art so it is affordable but also so that the artist finds it a fair value for their work. So let us know what you think your art is worth so we have a starting point to go from when pricing things. Can’t wait to see all the creative contributions!

Thanks a lot and see you soon

Sarah and Liz
Fender Bender Detroit


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