Complete Streets Initiative and Safe Routes to Schools

Do you know about Safe Routes to Schools or Complete Streets Initiatives? Well you should! These two concepts could and are changing the face of how US cities function in the realm of transportation and mobility. Not to mention both philosophies reflect questions and thoughts about how our mode of transport and the paths we use to travel from one destination to another greatly impact how we relate to our communities. Have you ever thought about how different a city appears by bicycle vs. a car or other motorized vehicle? Think individual vs the collective. Or the indiviual vs community-mind. What are easy day-to-day ways that we can better connect with ourselves and our neighbors without totally restructuring our lives?
How can we become healthy active engaged members of our communities and be a part of the changes happening in Detroit and not only observers? Its true when they say there is strength in numbers. One way of getting to know the people who live in homes we pass by everyday and work in the businesses of our neighborhoods is to be out there creating a presence and acknowledging theirs. What better way to do that than on a bike (perhaps once the snow and sub freezing temps have passed). But don’t let that stop you either. You would be surprised how HOT you get biking in the winter if geared up with the proper attire.

I will post a link soon to the CSI and SRS (soon as I figure out how…still learning ha!)


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