April updates!

It’s been a while since we checked in with everybody, but there is A LOT happening behind the scenes that we can’t wait to share with you!

First, there are a few really interesting articles about bike culture that have come up recently that we wanted to share.
Did you know the average American two-person household could save as much as $825 a month by switching from a car commute to one based on cycling and public transit? SNAP!

Also, new data shows that the lowest earning quarter of Americans make nearly one-third of all bike trips. Cycling is not just for yuppies anymore!

And Congress bums us out by proposing that the Environmental Protection Agency be prevented from regulating greenhouse gasses. Ugh.

As for us, we’re busy getting ourselves ready for the summer season and are excited to see everyone out on the road! This summer, in addition to our regular open shops, we will be offering a twice-monthly drop in class at the Wheelhouse which will cover all the basics of bike repair in just 2 hours! We will teach you how to fix a flat, adjust and repair brakes and derailleurs, diagnose common problems and get moving again! The class is $5 per person and comes with free literature and a patch kit. The class will be open to anyone of any age or gender, but space is limited. The schedule will be up soon, so we’ll keep you updated.

See you out there!


Liz + Fender Bender



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