Bicycle Donations for EMEAC’s summer camp!

Hey friends,

Fender Bender is going to be providing EMEAC’s summer camp (ages 13-21) with bicycles for transportation between destinations, as well as group rides and a healthy active way to be smart about resources (and of corse for the pure enjoyment of riding a bike). We’re still in need of TEN bikes to complete our goal of FIFTEEN bikes for the program (fixable, if not well-maintained)

If you or anyone you know has a bike(s) and are willing to donate please contact us here on Facebook or email at: fenderbenderdetroit@gmail

We’ll handsomely reward you a lovely hand printed thank you card with the Fender Bender logo and a big smile when we see you! We’ve included a link in the next post to the EMEAC website incase you aren’t familiar…they are an amazing transformative orgainization and collaboration of people in Detroit.

Thanks so much! Our deadline is July15th (coming up fast) so feel free pass our request on!



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