No Open Shop This Saturday and Reasons Not to Fret

Hey everyone, just letting you know we aren’t going to be able to offer the Open Shop this Saturday because some of us will be out of town and some of us are moving into new apartments and saving bats from imminent destruction. If you have something urgent on your bike that you need fixed, the lovely folks downstairs at the Hub can help you out, or if you are an official Ally of the Hub (if you’re not sure whether you’re an Ally, you’re probably not – there is paperwork involved), you can drop in for Ally time on Sunday from 4-6pm.

A quick update about our regular Open Shop time for women, trans and gender queer folks, once it resumes next week, we will be closing up a half hour earlier than normal, which will make our regular hours every Saturday from 4-6:30pm until further notice (further notice will be pretty soon, actually, so look for updates regularly).

Also, there is an exciting fundraiser coming up for our friends at the Hub you should know about because it’s going to be really great! We are going to be volunteering/attending in some form, and you should too!

What: Progressive Dinner Bike Ride
When: September 18th, 2011, meet at the Hub at 3pm, ride starts sometime after that…
Details: Pay $25 and receive a map that you will use to pedal around town and stop at predetermined checkpoints for awesome food made by Neighborhood Noodle, Suddenly Sauer and some other nice local folks. Vegan options are available at every stop!
Why: To raise money for the Hub and the awesome programming they offer. Cool, right?

See y’alls next week!




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