Fender Bender Bicycle Lending Library @ AMC 2012

Here’s a wonderful article written by ours truly – the favorite Frenchie Fender Bender Nora Mandray: read her story, insight, and see photos of the women, transgender, and queer bike mechanic training classes http://detroitjetaime.com/2012/05/20/detroits-real-bike-chicks/

Check us out at The Fender Bender shop during Allied Media Conference to see what all the talks about….

4605 Cass Ave Detroit 48201 – enter black metal door in alleyway on west side of the building

Interested in the lending libaray!?! This is a great overall perspective and descriptive article on the lending library, and potential of what it can become: http://wearemodeshift.org/organic-approach-bike-sharing-detroit

Lending library first to kick off this weekeend during AMC 2012 – rent a bike and pedal yerself a nutritious and delicious smoothie!! All vegan! All gluten-free!

Lending library is open from 8am-2pm and 4-7pm each day

1 day over-nite rental is $30 —— 2 day over-nite rental is $55
3 day over-nite rental is $75 —— 4 day over-nite rental is $90

Rentals include a bike, lites, lock, helmet, and maps of the city, plus access to the Fender Bender shop and mechanics if anything comes up with the bike!

There is a $100 refundable deposit with every rental – you get this back when the bike, lites, lock, and helmet come back in good shape

So stop in meet some of the Fender Benders, hang out, learn about our programming, and future plans…..

Hope to see you here!!


2 thoughts on “Fender Bender Bicycle Lending Library @ AMC 2012

  1. I would love to be involved in this. Where do I go for the Thursday night (7-9pm) class? Please contact me via e-mail. I’d love to purchase the 25$ bike and build from there!

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