Regular OPEN SHOP schedule + MORE to start @ Fender Bender 7/16/2012

Regular community-access shop hours start @ Fender Bender Detroit!!

There are 2 main ways you can engage with community-access opportunities: OPEN SHOP and BIKE BREAK-DOWN days…

1. OPEN SHOP – there are 3 main ways you can engage with open shop time!!

a. You can bring your bike to repair or perform maintenance work with our tools and guidance our a mechanic assistant if needed…

b. If you are interested in building a bike, we do have bikes in various conditions that need repair to get up and running. These bikes can be bought for $25, and may need new parts, or repair that will cost additional fees, ex. cables, cable housing, inner tubes, new tires, derailleur, etc. Once you purchase a bike to restore, we can assist you in restoring the bicycle. This may take anywhere from 1-10hrs of work, so your bicycle will not be ready for riding immediatley – and will require you to be present and available during the open shop hours to co-restore the bike with the assistance of one of our mechanics, while you establish intimate knowledge of and relationship with your soon-to-be bicicleta

c. The third way you can use open shop hours time to volunteer time with us: organizing the shop, parting out bikes, and sorting thru bike part inventory. Taking bikes apart is a great way to become familiar with the bicycle and all its working parts and wonder…. also you will get to know the tools you need to use and for what

OPEN SHOP HOURS: Mondays 7-9pm, Thursdays 7-10pm

2. BIKE BREAK-DOWN – there is one way to engage with bike break-down hours!!

a. This time is dedicated to parting out bicycles that are not going to be restored. Bike parts taken off these bikes will be used to stock our inventory of used bike parts. Its important to create a supplies of parts that can be used for restoring other bikes, and during community-access open shop hours

Taking apart bikes is the BEST way to learn about bikes, how they work, and the right tools to use and when!!!

BIKE BREAK-DOWN HOURS: Fridays 6-9pm, and every 1st + 3rd Tuesday of the month 6:30-9:30pm

These shop hours are available specifically for women, transgender, queer, and gender non-conforming cyclist in Detroit. Respect safe space !!

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, and/or ways you think we could collaborate with you or your organization – plz let us know! Share this info with anyone you think would like to get involved, and/or appreciate/needs/wants time and space like this to learn and grow!

Looking forward to seeing you and your bike at the shop soon!

Big bike love!

Fender Bender Detroit


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