About FBD

We are a women, queer, and trans* centered bicycle workspace rooted in justice principles.

  • We organize as a collective and operate through consensus decision-making. We depend heavily upon and support our volunteer squads: The Riders & The Homies.
  • We aim to provide a safe space for women and people of marginalized gender identities to learn about and work on bikes in an inclusive and supportive atmosphere.
  • We seek to stimulate the wants, needs, and imaginations of our communities. These reflect in the way we  operate the shop, facilitate programming, build relationships, and in our work far beyond the walls of the space.
  • We host community conversations, group rides, and private tours. We offer tune-ups, and sell restored once used bicycles as one local way to financially sustain our programming and space, as well as to engage community investment without relying solely on foundation funding. We are working toward a space that includes more resources, support, and alliance building among women, queer, and gender nonconforming people in Detroit.

Thanks for checking us out. See you on the road!!


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    • Thanks for contributing to this page. Kezia is really amazing – her input and ideas are always priceless. Appreciate the connection, Sarah.

      I plan to check out yer blog soon. I have no computer right now and this phone is better than nothing but not the easiest to work from 🙂

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